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Assistance for Valentino's Veterinary Bills

My little four-legged best friend and legendary roadtrip companion was hit by a car in Hermanus recently. He's going to be OK thankfully and we'll be back on the road in the new year sniffing out the coolest pet-friendly places to share with you.

However, his vet bills are almost at R20 000 which is making his human feel a bit overwhelmed! As much as I hate to ask, any contribution would be very much appreciated. I will be donating a percentage of all monies received to a local animal clinic.

Click here if you would like to help, or share the fund details

When I was a little girl all I ever wanted was to be a gypsy, so I could live in a brightly coloured caravan and wake up in a new place every day. Now that I am grown up (if being grown up is defined by age, rather than behaviour) I realise that I am unlikely to have the brightly coloured caravan or wake up in a different place every day. Until I get my mobile home, that is!

However, my nomadic inklings have never died, they've just been toned down a little.  I still delight in finding new places, exploring small towns and attending festivals and events.  I also happen to enjoy all manner of festivities and can often be found indulging in a glass of bubbly on a wine estate or enjoying a cold one in the beer tent at a festival.

The idea for this website (or blog if you prefer to call it that) was borne from realising that so much fun can be found right on your doorstep, that a delicious meal doesn’t have to cost you a fortune and that little dorp that you whizz through on your way to see the family for Christmas actually holds some quirky establishments and interesting people if you stop for the night instead of only at the stop street.

So now that you’ve found me, I invite you to join me in my “online” caravan and let me take you on a journey through Cape Town, the Western Cape, South Africa and beyond, where we will:

There are also pet-friendly restaurants and places to stay, along with parks perfect for walkies, for those who want to take their four-legged best friend along. And we’ll sniff more out along the way.

Welcome aboard – there's a world of magic out there and I will help you find it.