A bohemian’s guide to travel and tipple!

The idea for this website (or blog if you prefer to call it that) was borne from realising that so much fun can be found right on your doorstep, that a delicious meal doesn’t have to cost you a fortune and that little dorp that you whizz through on your way to see the family for Christmas actually holds some quirky establishments and interesting people if you stop for the night instead of only at the stop street.

So if you are looking for somewhere new to go in your neighbourhood, fancy a roadtrip through the Karoo or simply want to know where to get a good meal on a budget, then you’ve come to the right place!

Plus you’ll find loads of pet-friendly places to eat or stay at as Tino and I love sniffing out new places to go!

I also pride myself on authenticity, so you won’t find many sponsored posts. However, occasionally I am approached to write an article, am hosted at a restaurant or establishment and sometimes get tickets to events. Whether I was hosted or not, or if the post is sponsored, it is noted at the bottom of the post.

Welcome aboard my online caravan – I hope you find it useful, informative and fun!


If you like the idea of snorkelling but feel a little wary, these guys will have you confidently exploring kelp forests in no time! A fun, affordable half-day out that anyone can enjoy.

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Beaverlac has everything you could need for a comfortable camping experience as well as beautiful rock pools, hiking trails and cycling trails. Plus it’s dog-friendly and children will have a blast too.

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This easy-going, family-run establishment is incredibly affordable, the accommodation comfortable, the food delicious and the stars are a sight to behold.

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