From healthy homemade meals to braai packs and pooch parties, this local company’s meals and treats will have your four-legged best friend begging for more.

Who are they?
Bismark’s Bistro is a local company producing simple, freshly cooked meals and treats created especially for your canine family members. 

Where can I get their products?
You can order their meals and treats online with free delivery in The Mother City and suburbs, or find them in the red fridge @Frits Pet Hotel in Bree Street. 

Why should I buy from them?
All Bismark’s Bistro meals are grain free, which is good for dogs with allergies. Plus they are homemade, using locally sourced ingredients, and completely free from preservatives. Much better for your dog than commercially bought food and while giving your best friend a healthier diet, you are also supporting a local business. 

How much does it cost?
Meals are charged according to your dog’s weight. From R180 per week for two meals a day (dogs weighing up to 5kg).  Biscuits costs R45 for 100g and the braai packs are also R45. 

Contact details:
Telephone  074 828 3695, email:, or visit 

A few months ago Tino and I took part in the Just Nuisance Dog Walk in Simon’s Town and when we visited the market afterwards, we made a wonderful discovery! Bismark’s Bistro had a table laden with biscuits, meal packs, burgers and cupcakes that had Tino drooling.  Tino got a liver cupcake as a reward for putting his best paw forward that morning and I decided to find out more about Bismark’s Bistro. It turns out that not only do they make good food for dogs, there’s also an endearing story behind why they started doing what they do. 

Bismark’s Bistro is a local dog food company, based in Parow, and named after a rather charming Miniature Schnauzer.  At just three years old, Bismark was diagnosed with genetic heart disease and the vet had no information to offer about healthier diet options, but only emergency open heart surgery at a cost of R45 000! His humans, Fritz and Adele, were distraught as they were certain that anaesthesia and drugs would put Bismark at a real risk to die on the operating table. So they did some research, hit the health stores and fresh food stores and started experimenting with freshly cooked food for Bismark. 

They tried different combinations of food, along with Chinese herbal teas, hemp seed powder, seaweed variations, natural heart supplements and everything else that they could find that would help his heart function optimally. Their work was cut out for them as Miniature Schnauzers are prone to diabetes and pancreatitis, which means they cannot tolerate any fat or junk food, and their blood sugar levels should be kept stable at all times of day. 

The good news is that their labour of love paid off and a miracle happened! Within a few weeks their lethargic and tired boy turned into an energetic, shiny-coated, friendly and mischievous dog. Plus his eyes sparkled, his itchy skin healed and mole-hunting and squirrel-chasing become new hobbies.  Interestingly, Bismark also has no issue with his teeth – he’s now 5 years old and his teeth are pure white. Many believe that pellets are necessary to keep dogs teeth in good condition! 

Read more about Bismark’s journey here 

A year after his diagnosis, Fritz and Adele are certain that they have extended Bismark’s life and rescued him from premature death with his new diet. And now they are sharing his diet with other dog owners, who might be facing the same truths about the food they are feeding their dogs, or whose dogs have health issues that could be improved by a balanced and nutritious diet. 

Fritz and Adele support ethical farming practices and whilst they are not organically certified, all their fresh produce and ingredients are sourced from small local farmers around Cape Town. The ingredients they use change with the seasons, to ensure that your dog gets the best. Plus, fruit and vegetables that are fresh and in season have a higher nutritional value and taste better! All meals and treats are personally prepared in their kitchen.

Bismark’s Bistro Meals

Dogs require very specific proportions of meat protein, organ meat, vegetables, fruit, herbs, seeds, fresh produce and carbohydrates. All Bismark’s Bistro meals are grain-free and proportioned as follows: 

35% Pure protein whole meat (fish/chicken/beef/pork)
15% Organ meat (heart/kidney/liver)
30% Vegetables (seasonal vegetables)
10% Legumes (chickpeas/beans/lentils)
5% Fruit (seasonal fruit)
5% Seeds/Herbs/Cottage cheese/Eggs and shell/Turmeric/Coconut and seed oils 

The weekly meal options start at R180 per week (dogs weighing 5kg and under) and the menu choices are as follows: 

  • Chicken menu – chicken, chicken organs, lentils, sunflower seeds, parsley, two seasonal vegetables, one seasonal fruit
  • Beef menu – beef, beef organs, sweet potato, sunflower seeds, turmeric, two seasonal vegetables, one seasonal fruit
  • Pork menu – pork, pork organs, sweet potato, sunflower seeds, turmeric, two seasonal vegetables, one seasonal fruit
  • Fish menu – fish, lamb organs, lentils, sunflower seeds, parsley, two seasonal vegetables, one seasonal fruit

Tino can fully recommend their chicken meals – he was beside himself when the pack was opened and he gobbled it all up in no time! 

Bismark’s Biscuits

Bismark’s Biscuits are real, pure handmade biscuits, without any nasty ingredients. They are produced in very small batches to ensure freshness, and the addition of seeds, fresh fruit, vegetables, and coconut oil ensure healthy, glossy coats. Bismark is personally in charge of quality control and tasting! 

A pack of biscuits cost R45 (100g) and come in the following flavours: 

  • Apple and carrot with seeds and coconut oil.
  • Peanut butter and banana with seeds and coconut oil.

Bismark’s Braai Packs

This has to be a first in South Africa – and how wonderfully South African! A braai pack just for your dog! Tino loved his beautifully presented braai pack that I took with us to The Barnacle in Pringle Bay.  He wasn’t really interested in what was happening until his sausages and steak were put on the grid! 

Choose from beef heart steak with marrows and cabbage or  chicken breast with beans and carrots. Braai packs cost R45 each. 

Bismark’s Birthday Parties

Having a birthday bash for your dog? Bismark’s caters for those too! Your pooch and his pals can tuck into burgers, liver cakes, peanut butter cakes, sausages, pizza.  The average cost per item is R15 and they need at least 48 hours notice to prepare your goodies. 

How to order from Bismark’s Bistro

You simply order online or via email or WhatsApp. Delivery is free to the city bowl, the northern and southern suburbs and Atlantic Seaboard.  A R100 delivery fee applies to the South Peninsula, Helderberg and West Coast. First time orders get 20% off. 

Tino is very pleased that his human has discovered Bismark’s Bistro and we both know that if your dog finds out about it, you will never be allowed to buy commercial food again!  In fact, Tino is so sure that your dog will be just as enthusiastic as he is, so he’s saved up his pocket money and is giving away a Bismark’s Bistro hamper, worth R300, to one lucky dog.

Published May 2019 | Two meals and a braai pack sponsored by Bismark’s Bistro