From The Barkery are keeping wooftas happy one bark at a time! Not only will your dog love their home-baked biscuits and other treats, a percentage from every purchase goes to local animal charities. Plus you are supporting a small local business.  

Who are they?
From The Barkery is a locally-owned business in Cape Town that bakes dog treats and horse treats that you can order online. Some of their treat range is also available at various stores in Cape Town and Johannesburg.  

Where are they? 
They are based in Cape Town, but ship to anywhere in South Africa.  

Why should I buy from them? 
Not only will your dog love their home-baked biscuits and other treats, a percentage from every purchase goes to local animal charities. Plus you are supporting a small local business.   

How much does it cost?
A packet of re-sealable dog biscuits (various flavours) costs R45, peanut butter pupcakes R35, lollypups R25 and waterproof dog blankets from R225.  

Contact details 
Telephone 063 750 3917, email, or visit their website at

I first heard about From The Barkery in December last year when Brewer’s Co-Op hosted a doggy day and they sponsored some of the prizes. Valentino was lucky enough to win one of their gorgeous waterproof blankets, along with some treats for being the best behaved dog on shoot. Good boy!  So when his 10th birthday was coming up, on Valentine’s Day, I emailed them to ask if I could order a cupcake for his birthday – this bad human didn’t have enough money for a cake or a hamper! 

They responded immediately and offered to send through some special treats that would be delivered on the day. I was amazed by how quickly they came back to me and how enthusiastic they were about spoiling him. But nothing could’ve prepared me for how much love arrived on Valentine’s Day! 

Not only did they send a beautifully wrapped box (complete with dashing red ribbon and a small heart with Tino written on it) filled to the brim with not only one cupcake, but two, along with enough treats to last that lucky little birthday boy almost an entire year! Also inside the box was a hand-written birthday card from Bentley (Chief Tasting Officer) wishing Tino “a pawsome day” and that he “must keep on being the wooftastic pooch you are”. How delightful and such a lovely touch!

But it wasn’t over yet… later in the day his cake arrived, complete with his name written (in yoghurt) on one of the biscuits, along with a little cake candle. I was completely blown away by their generosity and Valentino (along with The Kardaschunds that he shares a home with) had the best day of treats ever!

From The Barkery is a home-grown business, run by only two people, that started when they began making treats for dogs that visited their restaurant. When they closed the restaurant, the baking of dog treats continued and now they have a website where you can order biscuits, birthday cakes, pupcakes, lollypups, hampers and accessories for your dog. They also make treats for your “mane best friend”, taking horses’ favourite things (carrots, apples and peppermints) and turning them into tasty truffles.

Whilst From The Barkery don’t make any claims that the treats are going to help with ailments or skin diseases, they buy the freshest herbs and fruits and dry them themselves.  That way they know exactly what goes into them.!  The biscuits are an all-natural product with no hidden nasty’s and they only use unbleached flour, spring water and free range eggs.  They are personally handmade and slow-baked in small batches before being iced with a yoghurt icing.  Bentley (their Labrador and Chief Tasting Officer) personally checks and tastes every batch before they are packaged – lucky Bentley! Furthermore, a percentage of every sale goes to local charity, TEARS and they have also supported the SPCA and Sidewalk Specials.  

Below is their current range of products for dogs:  

Biscuit treats (R45 for a resealable bag) 
These are available in a wide range of flavours, from Biltong to Peanut Butter, Chamomile & Honey to Blueberry & Kale and Sesame & Rosemary to Rooibos & Mint.  Apparently the bedtime biscuits (Chamomile & Honey) are a great treat to give your pooch before bed, just like a human having a chamomile tea!  

Peanut Pupcakes (R25 each) 
Choose from their range of flavours for your base and bite sized treats. Inside the filling is a yummy Peanut Butter Cream.  

Lollypups – A peanut butter popsicle treat (R25 each) 
Peanut biscuit topped with delicious frosting and a yummy rawhide stick.  

Special Occasion Cake (R175) 
Order this adorable cake for your furry friend’s birthday!  

Luxurious Waterproof Blankets (from R225) 
Their custom made blankets are great for your furry friend to sit on instead of a cold floor or even wet grass. They are fleecy on one side and soft and furry on the other, complete with a waterproof inner to keep them dry. The blanket can also be personalised with your pet’s name (same colour red as their logo) at R8 per letter.

If you want to place an order (even if it is just one pupcake or a packet of biscuits), you can order online and they will deliver the next day. You can pay for the treats via bank card or EFT. However, if paying online freaks you out, you are welcome to email or call and place your order.  You will then be invoiced directly with EFT banking details. There are also selected stores in Cape Town and Johannesburg that stock some of their products, including The Food Barn Deli, The Peach Pip Farmstall, The Chardonnay Deli and Proud Hounds Doggie Daycare.  

I think From The Barkery are remarkable, but don’t take my word for it… just look at that face below! Valentino says they are definitely on his favourite list and his human has been instructed to keep those treats coming!

Inside information 
Feline fans will be pleased to know that From the Barkery have been working on cat treats and these will be launched this year once they have purrfected the recipe.  

Published February 2018| Gifted by From The Barkery