If you like sushi and art, along with a touch of the macabre, then you are going to love this delightful sushi café tucked away in the skull-filled Sobeit Store.

Where is it?
51 Main Road, Muizenberg (inside the Sobeit Store)

Why go there?
If you like sushi and art, along with a touch of the macabre, then you are going to love Hong Kong Charlie! This delightful sushi café serves delicious sushi, yummy Thai fishcakes, tasty poke bowls and giant gin and tonics at very affordable prices.

How much am I going to pay?
Sushi plates average at R50, starters around R35, Dim Sum R55, sushi platters from R100 and Poke Bowls R120. There are also good weekly specials.

When is it open?
Monday to Saturday, 12h00 to 22h00

Contact details
Telephone 076 990 4555, http://hongkongcharlie.co.za

Note: Not my best photos as I didn’t take my camera and just used my phone! But hopefully it’ll give you an idea of what to expect.

If you like sushi and art, along with a touch of the macabre, then you will love Hong Kong Charlie as much as I do. Delicious sushi, yummy Thai fishcakes, tasty poke bowls and giant gin and tonics (all at very affordable prices) are served in a delightful little sushi café tucked away in a store filled with human skulls (moulded, not real ones!), antique furniture, groovy lighting, sexy lingerie and novel gifts.  In fact, I think this may be one of my favourite discoveries of the year – it just ticks all the right boxes in my world!

To be honest, it took me while to get to Hong Kong Charlie. Friends who know me well kept on mentioning it saying I would love it. Being somewhat intrigued it remained on my radar for some time and eventually (thanks to the Galileo Cinema cancelling due to wind) my friend and I made it through the door one Friday night.  Oh my, what a fascinating place! We were so excited about looking at all the skulls on display that our waitress suggested we order something before looking through the store – she’s clearly used to dealing with newbies!

We had the Thai fishcakes (pictured below) and Miso soup for starters, followed by a selection of three sushi plates which we shared. I also had a gigantic Bloodlemoen Grapefruit G&T and I couldn’t believe that my bill came to a mere R124! The fishcakes (there are three of them) were R12! I thought it would be R12 for one. You can’t make them for that. Believe me, every time I go back, I now order those fishcakes! I can tell you that their Steamed Chicken Dim Sum with Teriyaki sauce is damn fine too. Their poke bowls (on special on Tuesdays for R90) are very good too, but I think my favourites are those fishcakes, their sushi and Dim Sum.

Food at Hong Kong Charlie

Here’s a small preview of what you’ll find on the menu:

  • Miso Soup – R38
  • Fish Cakes with Sweet Chilli Sauce (3) – R12
  • Steamed Chicken Dim Sum with Teriyaki sauce (3 pieces) – R55
  • Fashion Sandwiches (4 pieces) – R60
  • Salmon Roses (3 pieces) – R47
  • Rainbow Rolls (4 pieces) – R55
  • Sashimi (3 pieces) – R45
  • Salmon Poke Bowl – R120
  • Tofu Poke Bowl – R120

Charlie’s Choice sushi has some more interesting options, including:

Kimono Roll (4 pieces) – R70
Prawn California Roll with Tempura Prawn, topped with Sakura sauce and spring onions.

Mt. Fuji Crispy Roll (4 pieces) – R52
California Roll deep fried with Salmon/Prawn, topped with mayo and sweet chilli.

Spicy California (4 pieces) – R55
Salmon California Roll topped with seven spice.

There are also sushi platters from R99 (14 pieces) and they even have a kiddies menu – you can treat you child to Tempura Rice Balls with a Teriyaki sauce or Tempura Salmon California Rolls.

When it comes to drinks, they serve Truth coffee and have a fully licensed bar including:

  • CBC Lager – R40
  • Bloedlemoen Grapefruit G&T – R40
  • Wine by the glass for R45
  • Sake (serves 4) – R45

You can also buy bottles of wine and bubbly.

Then when your meal is done, you soak a little tablet in some water, it expands to become a cloth, and you can wipe your hands (and your face). It’s downright adorable and reminded me a little of those facecloths you get on an aeroplane!

Weekly specials at Hong Kong Charlie

Monday – 30% off selected dishes
Tuesday – All Poke Bowls R90 (pictured below)
Wednesday – All Fashion Sandwiches half price

Sobeit Store

Below are some photos of the Sobeit Store –  as mentioned before the quality isn’t that great. But hopefully it gives you an idea of what to expect and entices you to visit yourself.

Oh, did I mention that the “bell” for the gate is a bicycle horn? No ringing bells or tinkling chimes – a honk of the horn will get you in.  And once you’ve been in, I can guarantee you’ll keep going back.

Published December 2019 | Own cost