A dog-friendly space with trees to piddle on, open fields to play ball on and rivers to splash in. 

Where is it?
Just off Keurboom Road with parking in Squirrels Way.

When is it open?
All day, every day.

Does my dog have to be on a leash?
No. This is a free running park, but dogs must be under control.

Are dog poo bags provided?

Other activities available
There is a play area  and a small skatepark for kids. Picnics are welcome. Cyclists are also welcome to use the park, but must give way to people walking in the park.

Telephone 021-683-7368, email info@keurboompark.org.za.

As I live in the area, Keurboom Park is where I take my dogs for a walk almost every day. They have been going there since they were puppies and we never tire of it!

It’s a great place for puppies to get socialised as all the dogs I have met there are friendly, well-socialised hounds. Probably as a result of going to Keurboom Park nearly every day!  So there is no reason to fear taking your puppy to the park as it is a very remote possibility that it will get chomped. It also won’t take long for your dog to recognise other dogs and I reckon some good canine-friendships are made there! As well as human ones – I have gotten to know many of the regulars from our daily walkies.

Apart from the dogs being well-behaved and socialised, the park itself is beautiful, especially in spring when there are carpets of flowers everywhere. There are trees to piddle on and chase squirrels up, open fields to run and play ball on and rivers to splash in.  There are paved pathways which are good for tricycles and bicycles and the playing fields of Rondebosch Boys High provide a good space for people to play football and for dogs to play fetch.

It’s also great for small children’s parties with a fenced off play area (so dogs don’t steal their cupcakes) as well as an open play area. Both have swings, slides and jungle gyms etc. Braai’s however, are not permitted.

The Keurboom Park Association take great pride in the park and have labelled some of the trees, built bridges over the rivers, provided benches to sit on and even plastic bags are supplied in dispensers found dispersed through the park. So there are no excuses for not picking up after your dog and keeping the park a pleasant place for everyone.

Inside information:
Parking can be found along Squirrels Way,  Fairfield Road and there is a small parking lot off Avenue de Mist.

Published November 2014