This fun online game can win you discounts on Balance Wines while supporting elephant conservation at the same time. Warning – it’s quite addictive!

Balance, the quirky range of everyday wines, synonymous with life’s lighter moments, has released an online game that perfects the balancing act of having loads of fun while caring for the environment.

Your mission is to help Hank the elephant balance his way on a unicycle back to his ancestral desert home, while gathering fruit and avoiding obstacles along the way.

Take my word for it, once you start playing, you’ll be hooked. However, it’s not as easy as it looks – after several attempts, I haven’t even managed to complete Level One! I see no Balance Wine discount coupons in my near future, but perhaps your balancing skills will be better than mine!

Give it a go – for fun, for wine and for the elephants…

What is the Balance Game?

Players are required to complete three levels by making Hank the elephant tilt and jump to avoid obstacles and score points by collecting fruit (reminiscent of the rich flavour spectrum found in Balance wines). The final level culminates with Hank travelling through the desert to join a herd of elephants in his ancestral home.

Do I win anything?

Discount coupons in the form of Balance Bucks, from R20, R40 to R60 respectively, can be won after the completion of each level, depending on your score.

Support elephant conservation at the same time

For any Balance Bucks redeemed after completing the final stage of the game, a donation will be made on your behalf in support of the Elephant Human Relations Aid (EHRA) PEACE project. This educational initiative promotes the peaceful cohabitation of local communities with desert-adapted elephants in Southern Africa. For more information on EHRA, visit

How do I get the Balance Game?

The Balance Game is compatible with smart devices and PCs and can be accessed directly online at without having to download an app or the game itself. The game can also be accessed through a QR code found on Balance wine bottles.

 How do I redeem my Balance Bucks?

You can redeem your Balance Bucks with your next purchase of Balance wines at

Published June 2019