This dog-friendly trail makes for a very easy 2.5km stroll with rich foliage, plenty of trees, bubbling streams, a pretty dam and gigantic Nasturtiums!

Where is it?
The trail starts from the parking lot on Constantia Main Road, close to Chardonnay Deli (which is pet-friendly so you can take Fido with for a coffee and a croissant before or after your walk).

When is it open?
All day, every day. It’s very popular early morning and late afternoon.

Does my dog have to be on a leash?
Not necessarily, but dogs must be under control if they are running free.

Are dog poo bags provided?

Other activities available
There is a track on the other side of the river for cyclists which is well-used. The benches around the dam are perfect if you want to sit and relax for a while with your coffee from Chardonnay Deli (or simply sit and watch your dog play in the water!)

Valentino is getting on a bit now, so he can no longer take on long walks, steep hills or boisterous dogs (I may actually be talking about myself here!) So the discovery of the Silverhurst Trail not far from where we live was probably one of the best things to happen in Level 2 of Lockdown!

I had often driven past all the cars in the parking lot along Constantia Main Road (usually on my way to a wine farm!) and wondered what sort of trail was there. I saw more cyclists and than dogs, so I thought it was more of a cycling trail. However, I am glad I took Valentino along to investigate one day – the walk was a wonderful surprise and is now a weekly excursion.

The Silverhurst Trail is approximately 2.5km long and it’s a very easy walk (for both elderly dogs and ageing or unfit humans!) with wonderful rich foliage and and trees. The path is well-used so it’s extremely easy to follow and there’s plenty of shady parts. You’ll walk along bubbling streams, see gigantic Nasturtiums and huge tree ferns and pass a lovely (small) dam with waterblommetjies. Naturally, water-loving hounds just love this! Your dog will love sniffing his way along this trail – Valentino seems to spend most of his time taking in all the smells!

Your dog doesn’t necessarily need to be on a leash, but be mindful of other dogs also enjoying their walk. Most of the dogs we have met have been well-socialised (and many of them also elderly) but there have been one or two incidents. To be honest, I think this trail is best for older, slower dogs than rambunctious youngsters! But perhaps I am just being selfish as we enjoy a peaceful amble!

If you have an older dog, it may be wise to keep a leash on hand as part of the trail is past a deep ravine and you wouldn’t want them to fall down there as it won’t be easy to get them out and they will hurt themselves. I had a bit of a fright when Valentino made his way too close to the edge (he’s also going blind) so I now put him on his leash when we reach that part of the trail.

While cyclists are welcome to use the other side of the trail (divided by the river), you shouldn’t come across any on the “dog walking” side. In fact if you do, politely tell them that cycling is not permitted on that side of the trail (which it isn’t).

The Silverhurst Trail has been a wonderful “walkies” discovery and well-worth checking out if you and your furry best friend are in the Constantia area.

You could also cross Constantia Main Road and join the Sillery Walk which will take you to Peddlars Restaurant & Deli. This popular watering hole and casual dining spot is pet-friendly (dogs on leashes), so you could go for walkies and enjoy a meal and a cold one afterwards. Expect to come across plenty of cyclists and the occasional horse rider on this side.

Published November 2020