It has been said that Simon’s Town is the most haunted hood in Cape Town, so if you delight in an eerie tale, or are simply looking for something different to do, take a walk on the spooky side while travelling 100 years through time.

What is it? 
A two-hour walking tour through the main street of this historical naval town where you’ll learn interesting facts about a bygone era, along with tales of those who refused to leave. If you’re lucky, you may even spot one!

Where is it? 
Simon’s Town, Cape Town When is it? Every Friday and Saturday evening at 18h45, weather-permitting with a minimum of eight people required for the walk to take place. The walks leave from Jubilee Square, next to the statue of Just Nuisance.

Can anyone do it? 
Yes, all ages and all levels of fitness are welcome. Well-behaved leashed dogs are also welcome by arrangement.

How much does it cost? 
R100 per person, payable in cash on arrival.

Contact details 
You can book your spot with André Leibbrandt on 076 190 4081 (WhatsApp is fine) or visit the Facebook page for more information.

It has been said that Simon’s Town is one of the most haunted hoods in Cape Town, which is not surprising considering that it was formally established in 1741 and if you look at photos from yesteryear, you’ll see that little has changed and many of the original buildings are still there. It turns out that some of the original inhabitants are still there too – breaking bottles in the dead of night, scratching at the walls in basements, or simply sitting quietly in hotel lounges.

Simon’s Town has ghosts that like to have parties, ghosts who favour haunting women, singing ghosts and ghosts that make their presence known with the smell of fish. And you can hear all about them and more on the Simon’s Town Ghost Walk… if you dare!

To date, the Simon’s Town Ghost Walk team has taken over 2 700 people for a twilight amble where informative and fun guides tell ghostly tales, along with some interesting historical facts and amusing stories about this fascinating naval town. For example, if you’ve been to Simon’s Town, have you noticed the plaques placed in the sidewalks that depict the ships that have anchored in the harbour? And did you know that Just Nuisance hated women and would drag them off the stage when they were performing for Naval officers in the Town Hall.

But if it’s ghost stories you are more interested in, there are plenty of those! There’s the Lavender Lady who haunts the museum, an explorer who has been seen sitting in the British Hotel, the poltergeist of John Osmond, the ghost of an old man with his dog and the ghost of an engineer who murdered his baby. Plus there are ghosts in the old hospital, ghosts in the original cinema, child ghosts in the library, ghosts in The Lord Nelson, ghosts in Admirality House and even a few lurking in some guesthouses. That’s a lot of ghosts!

So, if like me, you delight in an eerie tale, or are simply looking for something different to do, take a walk on the spooky side in Simon’s Town while travelling 100 years through time. You never know what you’ll learn or who you’ll bump into…

Inside information
If you fancy a pint to steady your nerves after the walk, pop into the Two & Sixpence Tavern which is popular with the locals. It’s also haunted so your whisky may not be the only spirit in the room!

Published January 2017 | Own cost