From date night to a family outing, fun with friends or a solo mission, the nostalgic Galileo Drive-In experience is definitely worth treating yourself to.

Where are the screenings?
Cape Town High School, Gardens
Groote Schuur High School, Rondebosch
Cape Academy, Constantia
Meerendal Wine Estate, Durbanville

Why should I go?
When last did you go to the drive-in? Have you ever been to a drive-in? It’s the most fun you’ll have at the movies, whether you go as a couple, a family or as a group of friends bundled into the back of a bakkie.

How much am I going to pay?
2 people in a car R250 (R125 per person)
3 people in a car R330 (R110 per person)
4 people in a car R390 (R98 per person)
5 people in a car R430 (R86 per person)
6 people in a car R450 (R75 per person)

When are the screenings?
Thursdays to Sundays. Gates open at 18h30 and the movie starts an hour later.

How do I book?
Visit their website at to book your tickets. If you are looking for a novel present, you can also buy gift vouchers.

Contact details
Telephone (021) 510 0929, email, visit or follow them on Facebook.

A few weeks ago I revisited my childhood and went to the drive-in! I was so excited that I went out and bought a transistor radio (complete with batteries) and stocked up on all sorts of goodies to enjoy while watching the movie, including microwave popcorn that I prepared just before we left. My friend and I had a fantastic evening and I have been raving about it ever since.

When we arrived at Cape Town High School in Gardens to watch Letters to Juliet (one of my favourite romantic movies of all time) we were ushered to the front row. My car was smaller than most of the others there and they do request your make of car when you book so I have a feeling they work out which cars will go where beforehand. We felt very special going straight to a front row “seat” even though we were later than the others! Then it was prep time, which included cleaning the windscreen and making sure all the snacks were easily accessible. The only minor snafu was trying to tune in the radio! But thanks to the helpful sound crew, we managed find the movie sound on the airwaves just as the movie was starting. Phew!

During the movie we discovered all sorts of uses for the dashboard (from putting your feet up to holding your drinks and the radio) while door pockets became storage for spoons, knives and serviettes. The popcorn bucket also wedged perfectly between the two front seats so we could both help ourselves. In hindsight, a tray probably would’ve been useful, so perhaps make sure you have one or two when you go.

We spent a very happy few hours enjoying the movie and scoffing all the food while spilling popcorn and breadcrumbs in the foot wells and on the seats! We have vowed to go again as it really was a lovely nostalgic experience and as would be expected, extremely well organised by the Galileo crew.

From date night to a family outing, fun with friends or a solo mission, the Galileo Drive In experience is definitely worth treating yourself to.

Need to know

  • You must remain in your vehicle, unless you need the toilet.
  • You can tune into the movie sound using your car radio, but your battery could go flat. I recommend a battery-operated radio! It really adds to the experience and no jumper cables will be needed. If you don’t have a radio, you can rent one for R40 (ID/Drivers licence required for renting).
  • You are allowed to smoke in your vehicle, but if your neighbours complain you will need to refrain from lighting up.
  • You are welcome to bring your own snacks and drinks. There is a snack cart that comes past the cars before the movie starts and you can also order hot food and drinks when booking your ticket. No hot foods are available for purchase on location.
  • Hatchbacks and bakkies are allowed to park backwards and use the back of the car as a viewing platform, as long as your hatchback is not higher than your roof – you can bring ropes/bungee cords to anchor the roof to the allowed height.
  • If you book a ticket for two people in a car, don’t try smuggle another person in – they check your boot. No smuggling of dogs into the movie either.

Did you know?

Cape Town has had quite a few drive-in’s in the past:

Skyvue Drive-In: this was the first drive-in cinema to open in Cape Town, in Kuilsrivier in the mid 1950’s. It later changed its name to Skyvue Ster Drive In and sadly closed its proverbial doors on 1998. Housing was later erected in its place.

Sunset Drive-In: the iconic Sunset Drive In also opened mid 1950’s (being the second) in Ottery. It was demolished in the late 1980’s and a brewery depot was established.

The Goodwood Drive-In: opened in the 1960’s and closed in the 1990’s and is now the site of the Grand West Casino.

The Sea Breeze Drive-In: opened in the 1960’s and was where the Cle du Cap retirement village in Kirstenhof now is. It closed in the early 1990’s.

The Funlands Drive-In: this was Cape Town’s biggest ever drive-in cinema which opened in the 1970’s and lasted roughly a decade. Situated on Swartklip Road and could hold up to 1300 cars!


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Published October 2020 | Sponsored ticket for two by Galileo Drive-In