I stumbled (not literally!) across Toast Ale a few weeks ago and really enjoyed their craft Pale Ale. However, what really blew me away was the impact they are making on food waste, along with all profits going to a non-profit organisation. It’s both a taste-good and feel-good beer!

Why should I buy Toast Ale?
It’s the only craft beer in the world that is reducing bread waste while empowering the unemployed. It’s is the easiest and most delicious charity work you will ever do!

Where can I get Toast Ale?
You can buy Toast Ale at Norman Goodfellows in Gardens and Three Anchor Bay, at Getwine in Claremont, at The Biggest Little Beer shop in Willowbridge Centre in Bellville and at Blue Bottle in Noordhoek. You can also enjoy it with a meal at Cause & Effect in Cape Town, Cape Farmhouse in Noordhoek, Cafe Extrablatt in Green Point and at Knead Bakeries throughout South Africa.

Contact Toast Ale
Email helloSA@toastale.com or visit their website at www.toastale.com/za

Did you know that approximately 400 000 loaves of bread are wasted in South Africa daily? Sandwich factories discard the heel and first slice of every loaf (that’s 17% of the loaf) because we don’t buy sandwiches made with crusts. A single sandwich factory discards around 13 000 slices of fresh bread every day! In addition, bakeries and retailers dispose of loaves that are a day old because it’s relatively cheap to produce and consumers expect abundant supplies of freshly baked bread. That’s a lot of bread going into our landfills! However, thanks to Toast Ale, who use 250kg bread per 3 000 litre batch of beer, there’s now a lot less bread going to waste!

Toast Ale currently sources surplus bread from Knead Bakeries and Sandwich Baron, combines it with malted barley, oat husks, hops, yeast and water and turns it into a delicious Pale Ale.  Pale Ale is one of the most loved kind of beer in South Africa, because it’s an easy drinker and not too “hoppy”.  In addition, there are roughly 220 calories in 250ml of wine and in a 500ml standard beer, but Toast Ale has only 150 calories.  So not only are you saving a whole lot of bread going to waste, but you are looking after your waistline too!

However, not only are Toast reducing bread waste, all the profits generated from sales of their Pale Ale go to empowering local communities with skills which enable them to feed their families and communities. They have partnered with Soil for Life, a non-profit organisation that is actively and passionately involved in teaching people in poor and under-resourced communities in the Western Cape how to grow their own food using earth-friendly methods and techniques. One new home gardener is funded every month, including a full year of training, resources, equipment and support. Once their gardens start producing yields, they’re able to start feeding their families and local community, sustainably and for the long term.

I suggest you go grab a a six-pack of delicious Toast Ale and say cheers to the easiest charity work you have ever done!

*Images supplied by Toast Ale.

Published April 2019 | Own cost