A few years ago I did a Woodstock Graffiti Tour in 2015 with a fellow Zimbabwean, Juma Mkwela, and to this day it is still one of the best walking tours I have ever been on. I still recommend it highly (the art really is amazing), but now here’s another one that you should do with Juma – a walk through Khayelitsha (where Juma lives) to learn more about some of the wonderful things that are happening there.

The Township Art Tour is a half-day tour that will see you admiring murals by local and international artists, viewing vegetable gardens that are feeding the community, sipping on a cappuccino or hot chocolate in a coffee shop that is a garage by night and eating pap and chicken with your hands. You’ll also stroll through markets, peer into hair salons and laugh with the ladies cooking mielies

This tour will show you how Juma and the community in Khayelitsha have come together to make great things happen and your heart will burst. I loved every minute (even the pap) and I left feeling so proud of Juma and all that he has achieved, along with a greater knowledge of the good stuff that is happening out there. And sometimes we all need to be reminded of that… 

Juma tells an even better story than I do, so I shall leave that to him when he takes you on a tour. But for now, here are 25 photos that will hopefully inspire you to join the tour. It really will make your day a brighter one…


Siki’s Coffee Shop

Vegetable gardening project

Street scenes



The tour costs R750 per person and includes a shuttle pickup, coffee and lunch. Give Juma a call on 073 400 4064, or email him at juma.mkwela@gmail.com to book a tour. You can also visit his website for more information on this and other tours.

Published June 2018 | Discounted cost