Budget-friendly restaurants, WESTERN CAPE

Times are tight these days and with cost of fuel and food and everything else going up all the time, there is seldom money left for eating out. But every now and then, a bargain pops up. Quite a few actually, if you pay attention. Here are some great places that I have been to that wonít break the bank.

Charlie's Brewhouse, Port Owen
These restaurant and brewhouse in Velddrif have gone all out to ensure you have a wonderful experience with plenty of craft beer, wine, gin and cocktails, along with food that is befitting of a five star restaurant. Read more

Happy Hour at Burger and Lobster, Cape Town
Happy Hour at this trendy Bree Street spot has gotten even happier and even more affordable with the launch of their Happy Hour B&L Bar Bites Menu thatís available at the same time as their two-for-one drinks. Read more

Four Cousins Restaurant, Robertson
Four Cousins have a whole new range on offer that you can enjoy at their cool new spot in Robertson. Thereís wine, whisky, craft beer, fun wine pairings, good food and the kids will have a ball too. Read more

The President Hotel - Winter lunch and dinner specials
The 4-star President Hotel in Bantry Bay, Cape Town, is absolutely beautiful and itís worth a visit for lunch or dinner during August to enjoy their yummy wallet-friendly winter specials. Read more

Beerhouse on Long - Winter Lunch Specials
You cannot miss Beerhouse on Long with all that yellow, but you really shouldnít miss their weekly winter lunch specials either! You canít get much for R50 these days, so a meal with a beer is a complete bargain. Plus they do loads of other cool stuff too. Read more

Table of Love at Cafť Mozart, Church Street
When I first saw Cafť Mozartís Table of Love offer for R40, including a glass of wine, it all seemed too good to be true. I thought there was bound to be a catch - the plates would be tiny, or perhaps it was R40 per dish on the buffet. Turns out I was wrong and the deal is as good as it sounds! Read more

Active Sushi, Bree Street
Where else are you going to get 16 pieces of sushi for R50 for lunch? They also have all-you-can-eat sushi for R119. The service may be a little slow at times and itís a no-frills restaurant, but this sushi spot in Bree Street is definitely kind on your wallet. Read more