Where to go

Diary of upcoming events
There’s always so much going on that I can barely keep up and I bet you feel that way too. But here are some events that I really think should be in your diary. See which events I think you should be going to here.

Festival and event reviews
The bohemian in me loves festivals and events! Some have you out and about for a a few hours, an entire day, or even a weekend, where you can enjoy doing something new.  Here are some festivals and events that I would definitely go to again (and some that I may not). Read more about festivals and events I have been to here.

Markets have become quite the trend these days. From pop-up vintage markets and neighbourhood gatherings to the old stalwarts. You can go to markets to buy organic produce, taste your way through craft beers or simply use them as a place to meet your mates for a meal and a drink. Click here to see markets that I enjoy going to.

Sometimes organised tours can be a bit of a drag. You’re feel as if you are forced to follow suit and do what the tour leader tells you with no chance to quickly run off on your own. But sometimes tours can be great fun and allow you to do something that you wouldn’t normally do on your own. Read more about tours that I’ve enjoyed here.