Sometimes organised tours can be a bit of a drag. Youíre forced to follow suit and do what the tour leader tells you and there is no chance to quickly run off and see whatís around the corner lest you get left behind or hold up the others in the group. But sometimes tours can be great fun and allow you to do something that you wouldnít normally do on your own. Like exploring the city on a bicycle where thereís safety in numbers, or discovering beautiful graffiti in your local neighbourhood.  Here are some tours that Iíve enjoyed.

Cape Town Fynbos Experience
Spend a few hours being utterly mesmerised by what fynbos can do for you while you sip your way through teas and digestives, as well as making a Spekboom salad. Read more

Township Art Tour
The Township Art Tour is a half-day tour through Khayelitsha that will see you admiring murals by local and international artists, viewing vegetable gardens that are feeding the community, sipping on a cappuccino or hot chocolate in a coffee shop that is a garage by night and eating pap and chicken with your hands. It's delightful and will make your day a happier one! Read more

Simonís Town Ghost Walk, Cape Town
It has been said that Simonís Town is the most haunted hoods in Cape Town, so if you delight in an eerie tale, or are simply looking for something different to do, take a walk on the spooky side while travelling 100 years through time. Read more

Cape Town Free Walking Tours
Cape Town Free Walking Tours will open your eyes to a fascinating world that includes history, architecture and culture. The tours are free and all you have to do is pitch up at a specified time and place, any day of the year, and look out for their yellow umbrellas. Read more

Ghost walk in Prince Albert
I love a good ghost story and nobody tells them better than Ailsa Tudhope, the Story Weaver in Prince Albert. I joined her for an entertaining evening stroll to find out more about the resident ghosts in what could be the most haunted town in the Karoo! Read more

Woodstock Graffiti Tour with Juma Art Tours
To think that someone can create something so beautiful (and so HUGE) on a wall using cans of spray paint just boggles my mind. I was recently taken around Woodstock by Juma Mkwela (who also grew up in Zimbabwe) to see various murals by local and international artists. It was an incredible hour filled with approximately 40 works of art. Read more  

Cape Town Cycling Tour
Apart from getting to see the city from a different angle, you will learn and see so much, proving that no matter how much you think you know your city, thereís always something new to learn and see! Read more